Our Primary and Secondary Team

Mgr. Jan Švihálek

/ Head of School

Mgr. Soňa Štěpánková

/ Primary and Early Years Principal

Dylan Vance

/ Secondary Principal

Victoria Mayne Sweet

/ Year 1

Marta Abeledo

/ Year 2

Jennifer Sawicki

/ Year 3

Meghan Gordon

/ Year 4

Kelley Hall

/ Year 5

Elizabeth Wilson

/ Year 6

Christina McKellar

/ Year 6 and PYP Coordinator

Mgr. Kateřina Vance

/ Primary Czech

Sonia Bueno

/ Years 7 to 9 Spanish as a 2nd & 3rd Language

Adéla Othová

/ Primary Assistant

Pilar Martinez

/ Primary Spanish

Hana Havelková

/Music teacher

Robin Smith

/ Years 8 & 9 Man & Society

Lalena Blaschko

/ Years 7 to 9 Maths, Years 7 & 8 Science, Year 8 Homeroom teacher

Alanna Cryer

/ Years 7 to 9 English, Year 7 Mand & Society, Year 7 Homeroom teacher

Oscar Goncalves

/ Year 9 Science, Year 9 Homeroom teacher

Mgr. Bc. Barbara Andělová

/ Years 7 to 9 Physical Education

Mgr. Jiří Starý

/ Years 7 to 9 Czech as a 1st Language

Sophie Lefevre

/ Years 2 to 9 Art

Mgr. Šárka Kovaříková

/ Special Educational Needs coordinator

Matthew Smith

/ Years 2 to 9 English as a 2nd Language coordinator

Tereza Vrbková

/ After School Club Teacher

Adriele Fernandes

/ Assistant Teacher

Chelsea McGill

/ Designated Safeguard Lead

Valentine Švihálek

/ Literacy Coordinator

Tatiana Dumbrava

/External Coach

Hot News

21.8. 2018First Day of School

Dear ISB families,
We hope that you are enjoying the last days of the summer holidays. We would like to inform you about the first day of school which is Monday, September 3.

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20.6. 2018PYP Candidacy Approved

I am very proud to announce that as of 19th of June ISB is a Primary Years Program (PYP) candidate school with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB).

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2.3. 2018Swimming Lessons Start in April

As every year ISB has organized swimming lessons for our primary students in years 2 to 6. Year 1 and Kindergarten swimming will take place separately in May.

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Parents' Reviews

23.3. 2018 Wenjie's Father

Compared to Chinese exam- oriented education, Wenjie likes ISB more. The assignments in China are more transcribed to strengthen memory, here we pay attention more to the development of competence.

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10.2. 2017 MAARTJE

My two boys started school at ISB in September 2015. One in grade 1 and the other in grade 3. (Both are not native English speakers.) I (as a mom) found sending them to school for the first day really scary. New country, new city, new school and even a new Language. They came home happy and just after a couple of weeks the boys started to speak English and they were really beginning to feel at home in school. The Staff, teachers and other parents have been a great help with adjusting not only to school life, but also to life in Brno in general. The atmosphere in school is really welcoming and warm. There is always a listening ear.
Also the PTA has been a great help, connecting with other parents and really feeling part of the ISB community.
So far it has been a great experience for us!

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12.1. 2017 HANA

I am writing this review of the International School of Brno on Čejkovická street with great love. My son attended this school from grade 1 to grade 3. Unfortunately I had to move with my son to the States due to work reasons. We miss ISB a lot in the States and already are planning return to the Czech Republic.

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11.1. 2017 DANA

My daughter has attended the ISOB for 3 years and she loves it! Every day she comes home and tells me all about the things that she learns. The classes are small and very diverse with kids from various cultures.

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11.1. 2017 LENKA

We have got three children and all of them have gradually enrolled to ISB, each of them with a different intention.

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