What is the PTA?

The Parent/Teacher Association or “PTA” is a group of parents of ISB students who have formed a team which organises events and activities for all ISB students and parents. It is an informal group; is not part of the ISB official administrative and academic organisation and does not replace any aspect of ISB.

Who are we?

Every ISB parent is in fact automatically a member of PTA, but in practical terms, it is a small team of members who meet once a week to plan for upcoming and new events, deal with on-going items/issues and liaise with the ISB administrative and academic staff. PTA is a great way of networking and getting to know (new) people.

What do we do?

We work with the school administration team to improve life at the school for both the students, their parents and the teachers. If you have a question or concern about the school & feel you cannot speak to the teacher/administration staff yourself then the PTA can raise the concern on your behalf. (you may not be the only parent with that concern).

The PTA also conducts activities to raise money for the school and charity. Last year we purchased a new microwave for the lunchroom and we raised money for the soupkitchen and a children's oncology organization called Krtek.

For more details please keep an eye on the PTA board in the cloakroom and our Facebook group ISB PTA.

How we are organised?

There is a core of three persons and we are looking forward to meeting a lot of new members.

Chair: Is responsible for the overall running and coordination of the PTA. Is the main liaison between the PTA & the ISB administration Team. 

Secretary: Is responsible for the main written PTA documents, up-dating the PTA pages on the ISB website and on facebook, taking minutes of the weekly meetings & distribution of key information. 

Treasurer: Is responsible for the PTA funds (money) and its accounting records. Collects money raised at events, reimburses approved expenditure & allocates money to planned events/expenditure.

These positions are open to volunteers; if more than one candidate is interested in a post, then a vote takes place. Post holders resign in February to allow new volunteers to come forward.

How do I join the core team?

The core team meets EVERY MONDAY at 14:00 o'clock in the cloakroom area for coffee and its weekly meeting. It is very easy – you just come along and join in!

How do I contact the PTA?

If you have an idea for an event, a question regarding ISB or a query about living in Brno there are several ways to contact us:

The PTA has assembled some very useful information that could help new families settle in to the city.

ISB PTA Welcome Pack [PDF 256 kB]

Class Representatives

The PTA is looking for volunteers for class representatives.  If you would like more information contact the PTA at pta@isob.cz, or, attend our weekly meeting on Mondays.

Hot News

16.1. 2018ISB Ball 2018

prepare your best outfits and get ready for the 2nd annual ISB Ball! Last year was a huge success and we believe this year will be even more exciting!

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13.11. 2017Bratslam 2017

Contratulations to our year 5, 6 and 7 students for winning 1st and 3rd place in their category of the Bratslam poetry competition!

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12.10. 2017Workshops for Parents

We would like to invite you to another round of workshops for primary parents that takes place on Monday, October 16th from 15:05 to 16:20.

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Parents' Reviews

10.2. 2017 MAARTJE

My two boys started school at ISB in September 2015. One in grade 1 and the other in grade 3. (Both are not native English speakers.) I (as a mom) found sending them to school for the first day really scary. New country, new city, new school and even a new Language. They came home happy and just after a couple of weeks the boys started to speak English and they were really beginning to feel at home in school. The Staff, teachers and other parents have been a great help with adjusting not only to school life, but also to life in Brno in general. The atmosphere in school is really welcoming and warm. There is always a listening ear.
Also the PTA has been a great help, connecting with other parents and really feeling part of the ISB community.
So far it has been a great experience for us!

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12.1. 2017 HANA

I am writing this review of the International School of Brno on Čejkovická street with great love. My son attended this school from grade 1 to grade 3. Unfortunately I had to move with my son to the States due to work reasons. We miss ISB a lot in the States and already are planning return to the Czech Republic.

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11.1. 2017 DANA

My daughter has attended the ISOB for 3 years and she loves it! Every day she comes home and tells me all about the things that she learns. The classes are small and very diverse with kids from various cultures.

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11.1. 2017 LENKA

We have got three children and all of them have gradually enrolled to ISB, each of them with a different intention.

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11.1. 2017 TRACY

My son settled very quickly into life in kindergarten after only just arriving in the Czech Republic. This easy transition was made possible by the patience and kindness of his teachers.

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