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Your future? By becoming an ISB student you will have limitless opportunities. Education in English complete with an IB Diploma will open the door to any university in the world.

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Class sizes are limited so individual student needs can be met. Sign up for the first high school in English in South Moravia!

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English and Czech Naturally

English and Czech Naturally

All of our teachers speak English at the native speaker level and communicate with students in English, the only exception are the Czech and Spanish lessons.

Thanks to this, the English language quickly and naturally becomes part of students' daily life. In the Czech lessons they will also learn the language of our country.

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Internationally Accepted Programmes

Internationally Accepted Programmes

High school studies consist of two programmes - Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma. These international programmes are recognised by universities around the world including in the Czech Republic. The students graduate from IB Diploma Programme.

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Experience a Day at School Without Memorizing

Experience a Day at School Without Memorizing

What does a student remember after memorizing the dates and years by heart? Significantly less information than he or she was working with. That is why we teach students to search independently and process data critically. Would you like to give it a try? Contact us and arrange a free trial day.

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Mezinárodní učitelský sbor

You Can Apply Throughout the Year

We accept students at any point throughout the school year. The admission process is quick and new students adapt quickly among their peers.

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We Do Not Have an Admission Test

You do not have to worry about the admission test at ISB – we do not have one. We utilize an entrance test which demonstrates student skills. It corresponds with the test done by our secondary students at the end of their studies.

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