Join the ISB team!

At ISB we are always excited to welcome new team members from all around the world! Working at ISB is a great opportunity to learn and grow in an inspiring environment and develop both professionally and personally.

We’re looking for qualified professionals who share the values of Respect, Hard Work and Fun and who truly appreciate the opportunities and challenges within an international classroom.

At the International School of Brno, professional relationships and a commitment to shared goals and values are the building blocks of our entire staff. Together, we serve as inspiration to each other and the students. Both Brno and ISB have ambitious development targets that are on track to making the city a major centre for scientific research and development.

Located in the heart of Europe, Brno is a safe and expat-friendly town with a rich cultural history that still offers up a wide range of social and professional development opportunities.

Teaching positions

If you are interested in for an Early Years, Primary or Secondary teaching position, please send an updated CV to 

Recruitment process

  • Candidates should send their CV, complete with references to careers(zavinac) They can expect a reply within 2 - 3 school days.
  • Based on a candidate's application package including CV, an initial skype interview is scheduled. The main purpose of the talk is to establish that the teacher and the school are a good match. These talks typically last 15 minutes and candidates are asked questions on core issues such as Values, Approaches to Teaching and Learning, etc.
  • If, after the first talk, there are indications the teacher and ISB are well-matched, a second, more formal interview is arranged and candidates references are contacted.
  • The second interview typically lasts at least 30 minutes and are held with the Head of ISB and another member of the Leadership team. More detailed questions about T&L will be asked and candidates will also be asked about their previous experiences. Candidates are also given time to ask any questions they like.
  • At the end of the second talk, a timeline will be agreed during which the candidates will be informed of the school's decision (or further information will be exchanged).  If an offer is made, the HR secretary will send a sample contract within 24 hours and the school will request that an answer be provided by a specific date.
  • If the candidate accepts the position, the contracts are signed and other relevant processes are initiated.

Living in Brno

Brno has a lot to offer; it has a relaxed pace of life while still offering a lot of culture and excitement.  Cost of living is low; fun factor is high.  

Brno recently made the New York Times top places to visit in 2016. It was also ranked in the top 20 of Europe‘s best cities in terms of quality of life on

ISB is about a 15 minute tram ride from the city centre, where most teachers tend to live.

You can find more information about life in Brno here.


  • Full Health Insurance provided in accordance with Czech Labour Laws
  • Incoming and outgoing flights paid
  • (For non-EU nationals) – VISA process overtaken by ISB
  • Relocation costs negotiated with teachers
  • The school locates teachers‘ flats and provides the security deposit
  • Professional Development opportunities both in and out of house provided

Salary and cost of living

The Pay Scale is provided to candidates after the first interview.

For information about cost of living in Brno and the Czech Republic, please visit and

Accreditations and Memberships