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Lamacentrum Hády

Meeting cute furry animals puts a smile on everyone’s face! Our Early Years students took a field trip to the Llama Center where they learned about the different animals, what they eat and how to take care of them. The students enjoyed being little helpers as they assisted with the lunch feeding time, as well as exploring the nature that surrounded them.

The Letter ‘G’

Each student has their own individual learning style that allows them to develop and master different skills. These little learners were inquiring into the Letter ‘G’ and to practice their literacy skills they were introduced to different activities. They formed the letter using playdough, they practiced writing the letter, and they identified the beginning and end sounds by using a variety of pictures and words.


World Math Day Competition

On March 23rd, ISB students from Years 1 to 12 competed in a World Math Day Competition. Our students enjoyed competing against different students from around the world. Our Year 6 class placed 11th, out of 9000 schools across the world! Such an amazing accomplishment from all of our ISB students.

Earth Day

During Earth Day, the students participated in different activities across the primary division. Some classes planted seeds in the school garden, created natural bird feeders, sorted recycling, and had a discussion about the different countries in the world. Whereas other students took old plastic pieces and created a visual representation to remind others to rethink their plastic usage. ISB cares for our planet, do you?


Getting to know our European neighbours

The secondary EAL group just happens to be only Czech and Ukrainian students at the moment. So we took advantage of it and took some time to compare languages, cultures and history. Exploring our differences and similarities was really interesting.

The Goats

Huge congratulations to the ISB Goats, who now have their first gig under their belt. They blew the audience away at the recent Brno Expat Fair. Nerves were tense backstage before the show but their performance was so strong, they can now say they had their first encore as well.


Getting ready for the Adventurous Journey

Students in Years 11 and 12 are getting ready for the Expedition, which is one of the components of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, offered at ISB. The DofE Award gives students the chance to become more independent, learn new skills and gain confidence. For the expedition, they have to plan and execute an overnight camping trip that will test their planning, navigation, outdoor and teamwork skills. To make sure they are ready, we are running training sessions leading up to the big trip.

ISB Ball

We are very happy to announce that 2022 will see the return of the ISB Ball. It has been 2 years since we were able to cut loose and celebrate together. This year, the Ball will be held on June 10th, at 19:00 at the Hotel Continental in Brno. Tickets are 350 CZK for students and 450 CZK for adults. The theme for this year's ball is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So dust off your finest evening wear and come celebrate with us.

Supporting Worthy Causes

Some of our IB DP students recently participated in a wonderful charity event in Prague called ‘Colors of Charity’.  The event saw many pieces of student and parent artwork auctioned off with the proceeds going to support the efforts of Doctors Without Borders in Yemen.


May 2022

May 16-19 - Primary Student Led Conferences

May 20 - ISB Holiday

May 25-26 - ISB Picture Days