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A message from the Head of ISB

 Dear ISB Students, Families and Staff members,

Another very special school year is coming to an end. I can once again say that I am very proud of the role that ISB continues to play in Brno and the wider community.

Our students are living proof that our teaching and learning practices make a difference.  Instead of using the memorisation of endless facts as the measure of a successful student, ISB focuses on the understanding of larger concepts, on being independent, on asking questions, and on thinking critically. This allows our students to be open to new perspectives and to analyze them to see if they expand and improve their thinking or whether they actually go against their principles and values.

As the world has been confronted with so many recent challenges, I am very proud to see our students leading by example. This is what future leaders do.

To highlight some of the events that we are expecting in June, I will be personal:

As a passionate musician, I - and a few other colleagues! - always dreamed about the day when ISB would have a proper Band. There were some good attempts in the past but it is safe to say that now we have it for real.  

The ISB Black G.O.A.Ts are rocking the world!

Please join us at one of their first gigs (more details below) and celebrate this fantastic musical achievement.


And of course, congratulations to all of you for another successful year of personal and academic success at ISB.


Understanding Addition

Early Years 2 students accepted the challenge of diving deeper into their understanding of addition. Students used different strategies, manipulatives and digital resources to strengthen their ability to add two numbers together. They worked independently and collaboratively to learn and strengthen these new skills.

Team Building Field Trip - BRuNO Family Park

Students from Early Years to Year 3 had an exciting day out at ‘BRuNO Family Park’. They were able to explore and play together while developing essential social skills and self-management skills. Students were jumping, throwing, running, crawling, and even falling down. The falling however, didn’t phase them at all as they hopped right back up, ready to take on the challenge again!


PYP Exhibition

Our Year 6 students presented their culminating, collaborative PYP Exhibition Projects for their final year in the IB Primary Years Programme to the whole ISB Community. Our guests learned about endangered animals, the relationship between sports and climate change, marine life, and cryptocurrency! We are very proud of the students' accomplishments and the skills that they have developed throughout their whole learning journey. Congratulations Year 6!

Team Building Field Trip - Lanové Centrum Proud

Year 4, 5 and 6 worked together to overcome their fear of heights while climbing and completing high ropes obstacles. They came together as a team to build new relationships and enhance their communication skills. Students competed against each other in archery games which built teamwork and strategy. They developed all these skills but also had an incredible amount of fun on their field trip to Lanové Centrum Proud, Brno.


Karate Lessons

There are all kinds of reasons to take up a martial art. It builds mental and physical strength, and brings discipline and routines. Our secondary students recently got a karate lesson from Jason Rainwater, a black belt from the United States of America. Mr. Rainwater will be following this up with an upcoming workshop for interested students.

The ISB Black G.O.A.Ts

We are extremely proud to announce the music club debut of the ISB Black G.O.A.Ts at Stará Pekárna on Tuesday, June 14 at 20:00. The band has been practicing non-stop and are very eager to build on the success of their first gig at the ‘Brno Expat Centre’ Fair back in the Spring.  Read more about the band and then come on out to support them.



On Friday, May 27, it was once again time to honour the achievements of our graduating class. The class of 2022 has been through a lot but they got through it together and as with all our graduates, they are moving on to the next stage of their respective adventures. Congratulations graduates! We are very proud of you!

Outdoor Learning

We are very proud of the progress that the outdoor learning programme is making at ISB. This year, we have our first Duke of Edinburgh International Award expeditions happening.  Participating students recently went on their practice expedition to make sure that all their skills are properly honed in order to be able to plan and execute the journey all by themselves.

Good luck!



June 2022

June 7th - ISB Spring Music Concert

June 10th - Primary & Early Years Coffee Hour (in-person)

June 10th - ISB Ball

June 13th-14th - Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

June 14th - Year 6 Graduation

June 14th - ISB G.O.A.T.S Band perform at Stará Pekárna

June 15th-17th - Primary End of the Year Trip

June 15th-17th - Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

June 24th - End of Term Two Report Cards sent home

June 24th - Last Day of School