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Cookie Decorating

This year, our students in the Early Years are really interested in the process of baking. They have been learning about different ingredients, trying out recipes and most importantly, taste testing. To get into the Christmas spirit, these little bakers baked some cookies to decorate, eat and to share with their families. Hopefully, some cookies made it home before they were all eaten!

Building Literacy and Numeracy

As students learn new concepts and skills, it is important that the learning is consolidated and practiced. These little learners are committed to building their letter and number recognition, as well as, improving their fine motor skills by manipulating the plastic pieces. As they move into the new year, their next steps will be learning how to hold a pencil and beginning to write sight words.


Candy Grams - Year 6 Business

Year 6 students inquired into their unit’s central idea, “Businesses rely on the relationship between sufficient supply and customer demands” and created the Christmas Candy Gram business as part of their summative project. A candy gram is a personalized note and candy that students could send to their friends. Year 6 made over 3000 CZK selling Candy Grams to their peers! All the proceeds were donated to Krabice Od Bot, which is an organization that provides for children in need specifically during the holiday season. Thank you Year 6 for spreading the spirit of Christmas across ISB and the local community.

What will 2022 bring to ISB?

Students in Year 4 participated in a Czech Christmas tradition, by creating candle boats with walnut shells. The candle boats can give us a hint if someone has luck on their side for a healthy life during the upcoming new year. What do you think 2022 will bring to ISB?



As students spend more and more time online, it’s important that they learn the ins and outs of online safety. Secondary students recently took part in a workshop put on by volunteers from Kyndryl. They went over the important topics of cyberbullying, the dangers of social media and internet addiction.

Some Holiday Fun

Before the holidays, the Year 9s were wrapping their secret Santa presents and they might have gotten just a little bit carried away. What started as a quick gift wrap turned into an all-out festive fashion show. It’s so great to have such creative and fun-loving students.


Visit to CEITEC

Our IB students recently got the chance to visit the lab at CEITEC which also happens to be where their teacher Mr. Vojtěch Čalkovský does a lot of his research. This is a state of the art facility and the students will even be able to use this facility for some of their own projects.

Wood Working

Over the holidays, the high school students went to a wood-working shop to create Christmas gifts for local charities. This is a great way to meet the Creativity, Activity and Service part of the IB Diploma Programme, which requires the students to go beyond academics to learn new skills, be creative and to find ways to help the community. This wood-working project ticks all 3 boxes.


January 2022

Jan 3 - Professional Development Day for ISB Staff
Jan 4 - First Day Back after Winter Holidays
Jan 13 - P & EY Virtual Coffee Hour @ 10:00
Jan 24 - Feb 4 - Primary Czech Exams (Years 5 & 6)