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At the International School of Brno, we are committed to educating our students so that they become lifelong learners and responsible, engaged and respectful citizens of the world. We are a school for students of all nationalities, cultures, races, beliefs and religions. We are a school where children and families from all over the world come together in the spirit of respect and live and work together in harmony. We also teach our students that aggression and violence are never the right way to solve problems.

We consider these commitments to be essential not just for our school, but for all of humanity. Those in the wider world who are not setting that example for all children should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

We are worried and heart-broken about the war in Ukraine. The aggression and violence brought by the Russian Federation Army violates the freedom and integrity of Ukraine as a sovereign state. We are especially worried about all the victims, families and children, who will be affected by the situation inside Ukraine, Russia and the wider region. We are also concerned for all Russian citizens who share our values, are against acts of aggression and for any reason are unable to make their voices heard.


Jan Švihálek
Head of School


Master Builders

The new unit of inquiry 'A community is a place where people live and work' has sparked a passion for building in the Early Years class. The students have started to discuss the different buildings you find within a community, and from their discussion they started to build them. When their little community is complete, the students will start inquiring into Community Helpers and how they help support their community.

Inquiring into Colours

Our Early Years learners visited VIDA Science Centre in Brno to participate in exploratory activities. At each activity it provided the students the opportunity to inquire into colours through liquids, plastics and light. The students really enjoyed mixing colours and playing with the different resources that they provided. What is your favourite colour?



Students from Year 1 to Year 11 all participated in three skating sessions. Our students displayed courage and determination to try new skills and with the support of their peers and the instructors, there were a lot of smiling faces. The whole team enjoyed the change of pace and are looking forward to future skating sessions.

Phases of the (Moon) Oreo Cookie

The moon orbits around the Earth about once every month, and during this orbit we can see the moon in different phases. The Year 5 class created a visual representation of this cycle and the different phases of the moon using delicious Oreo cookies.


Annual Science Fair

Congratulations to all the young scientists who recently participated in the annual Science Fair. This year we saw a wide range of experiments on topics across Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. 6 of our projects will be submitted to the Vienna Science Fair, where they will be considered for awards alongside students from around the region. Last year, one of our students won top prize in his category. Good luck!

Collaborative Math

When learning concepts like average in Math, it is important that students get the chance to experiment with the ideas and talk about the concepts with each other in fun ways. So often, what is enjoyable is memorable. The Year 7s have been learning about mean, median, mode and range in this way.


Mock Exams

Test-taking skills is one of the skills that students need to develop in order to be successful not just at ISB but at university. Getting ready for tests involves identifying what you know well, what you know in part and what you don’t. All high school students have been writing mock exams in March to help them learn how they best consolidate their knowledge and prepare for their exams. This is valuable practice for when they write their Cambridge exams at the end of Year 11 and their IB exams at the end of Year 13. Success in these exams give our students internationally recognised qualifications that allow them to easily apply to universities around the world.

Help for Ukraine

Donations from the ISB community were collected by a team working closely with the Ukrainian Consulate in Brno. Donations were sent to a sorting centre in Brno manned by volunteers. The donations were loaded on trains bound for civilian aid centres in Kyiv, other key Ukrainian cities and refugee camps at the border. Our donations were labeled and we were able to track their progress. Thank you so much to the ISB community, your help continues to make a difference!!!


April 2022

Apr. 9 - Brno Expat Centre - Expat Fair
Apr. 14-18 - ISB Easter Holidays
Apr. 22 - Midterm Progress Reports sent home