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Fruit and Vegetable Creations

Our Early Years students have been learning about the importance of healthy foods and healthy eating every day. This has encouraged students to start counting different types of fruits and vegetables; discuss the colours of fruits and vegetables; and be inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Discovery Table

In Year 1, students were introduced to a discovery table where they had an opportunity to explore and discuss different objects that were on display in front of them. The conversations between students and their teacher led to learning and using new adjectives to describe what they saw and felt.


Inquiry Into Our World

Year 3 students began to investigate the world’s continents and what they look like on a globe to use as a reference when they created a 2-D map of the world. They dove deeper into their inquiry as their unit is about how “homes reflect time periods, cultural influences and local conditions.” From understanding the world’s continents, students will gain a better understanding about different homes around the world.

EAL Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Students on the Primary English as an Additional Language (EAL) team started exploring their surroundings in search for common objects found outside of the school. Students who are learning the English language can make connections by using real objects to help learn new words without even realizing it. These little inquirers learned new vocabulary, all while having fun!


How Can Technology be Used to Impact / Improve Our Lives?

Year 7 Individuals & Society students brainstormed ideas in the areas of medicine, transportation, energy use and space exploration. We can’t wait to see what our expert groups present when the projects are done!

Motivation Is Key!

It’s always important to take a moment to decide how we’ll face a challenge. In our Secondary English as an Additional Language lessons, we started the school year with a discussion about motivation.


Bake Sale

Diploma Programme students made cakes and cookies to raise money for their service activities. Each week they take sandwiches, fruit, and clothes to the homeless shelter in Brno. The Bake Sale will help them fund their efforts to support the Brno community. We are very proud of their hard work.

Fun In The Lab

Did you know that when different metals are heated in a Bunsen burner they give off characteristic colours? Year 12 IB students explored how electrons give off different wavelengths of light as they fall from higher energy levels to lower ones by performing flame tests.


October 2021

Oct 4-15 - Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) - Years 3 to 11
Oct 20 - Primary and EY Virtual Coffee Hour with Ms. Berry 10:00-11:00
Oct 21 - KG Open Day 15:00-16:30
Oct 26 - Halloween Celebrations at School
Oct 27-29 - ISB Holiday/ Creation of Czechoslovakia