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Field Trip to the Rozmarýnek Program

The Early Years and Year 1 students took a field trip to the Rozmarýnek program where they had the opportunity to explore the nature around them. They inquired into mushrooms, flowers, trees, leaves and so much more. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, it happens whenever you foster and encourage exploration, questioning and investigation.

The Letter ‘A’

The second letter of identification in our English Phonics Program is the letter ‘A’. As our Early Years students were learning about its formation and sound, they created their own letters with the help of little pieces of yummy apples. They also got creative by building and designing their own little ants, so they could all march two by two around the classroom together.


Czech Studies for Non-Native Students

At ISB all students learn the Czech language, even our international students. These little learners are using LEGO to design and build objects that represent the new vocabulary that they have learned. Hands-on learning is important in the classroom because it allows students to engage in kinesthetic learning. For many, this type of learning helps them gain a better understanding of the material.

Year 2 Summative Share

At the end of a Unit of Inquiry, it is important that students are provided the opportunity to present and showcase their learning. In Year 2, the students learned all about signs and symbols and how they can be used to communicate a message. During their Summative Share, parents were invited to the classroom to find out about what their children had been learning.


Working together offline

Technology has really helped us continue to teach and learn over the last couple of years. But there’s nothing quite like the experience of thinking, talking and working together to create ideas with just paper and pencil. Working this way, we have created our work with our own hands.

Fun in Dolní Morava

We’ve started the year making up for lost time over the last few years. At the beginning of October, students headed off to Dolní Morava for a few days of team-building activities. The weather wasn’t great but that didn’t stop the fun. These chances to travel as a group are so important for the students. They will remember these trips for the rest of their lives.


Chess Club

The Chess Club is one of the coolest activities we have going at ISB. Chess builds decision-making skills and helps us understand the consequences of our decisions. It is also played all over the world by people of all different ages. We have students from Primary all the way to High School in the Chess club so it’s very common to see our High School students learning and playing against our Primary students.

Fun in Vienna

The Year 12 and 13 students also had the chance to get away together and spent a few days in Vienna. What was unique about their trip was that they planned the trip themselves. They researched and booked the hostel, purchased the train tickets and planned it all out with just a bit of support and guidance from the teachers. They now have a good idea of how to plan a trip, which sets each of them up with the skills they need for more adventures around the world!


November 2021

Nov 10 - KG Open Day - 9:00-12:00
Nov 17 - ISB Holiday - Freedom and Democracy Day