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Reuniting with Friends

Our Early Years students finally returned back to school on May 10th. It has been an absolute pleasure having their smiling faces back in the building. The students missed each other dearly and were completely full of joy when they were reunited with their friends.

If you have a little learner and are interested in visiting our Kindergarten, please feel free to join us on our Open Day on June 22nd, from 9-11am. Please contact if you are interested in attending.

Pineapple Ice Cream

“P” is pineapple and it’s tasty enough for ice cream! Students in EY1 were learning about the letter “P” and all items that begin with the letter sound. As a special little treat, the students made fresh pineapple ice cream to share with their friends on a beautiful sunny afternoon. What flavour of homemade ice cream would you make for you and your friends to enjoy?


PYP Exhibition

At the end of the Primary Years Programme (PYP), students collaborate by creating their own unit of inquiry and display their learning through the PYP Exhibition. On May 5th & 6th, our Year 6 students showcased their learning in the 2021 PYP Exhibition (#PYPX2021). Their hard work and dedication to their projects was evident through their presentation and research skills. The knowledge that they have acquired throughout this experience, has prepared them to take action in their lives as well as in the lives of others. The Year 6 students will take this experience and the skills they have gained, as they continue on their learning journey into Secondary School.

Practising Research Skills

Students in Year 3 were developing their research skills, by searching the world wide web and other sources to find out more information about the food we eat. Students specifically dove deeper into the origin of specific fruits and vegetables and the journey they take to arrive in the Czech Republic. Do you know where your food comes from?


Shakespeare in the Park

Her eyes twinkle in their spheres - the hope in the dark

What better way to take full advantage of being back together at school than exploring Romeo & Juliet outside on a sunny day.

We are so happy to be back at school, together.  It’s what we’ve been hoping for.

Putting Pencil to Paper Again

One of the things we’re happy to be able to do again is work in real time to understand and solve problems together. Here we see the students are busy solving and graphing inequalities during their math lesson. 


Cambridge Qualifications for our Year 11s

Even though Cambridge cancelled the exams for our Year 11s, there is still a path for them to get their official IGCSE certificates. Here they are doing a lab and the report they write afterwards will count towards their results.

The IB Learner Profile & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

English students enjoyed working on off-screen activities together. In this activity they were looking for connections between the IB learner profile attributes and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is a great example of how important it is to connect what the students are learning with what is happening in the world right now. 


June Dates and Events

June 1 - Spring Concert

June 1 - International Children’s Day

June 2 - Primary & EY Coffee Hour

June 7 - Step Up Day

June 7-18 - Primary Czech Testing

June 11 - ISB Ball and Year 13 Graduation

June 15 - Usborne Book Fair 14:00-16:00

June 18 - Year 6 Graduation

June 20 - Father’s Day

June 22 - Kindergarten Open Day 9-11am

June 25 - Last Day of School