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Everyone is Unique

In Early Years, Ms. Marketa uses literature to introduce and explain meaningful life lessons. Elmer the Elephant by David McKee, is a story about a beautiful elephant and how everyone is unique in his or her own way. The story teaches us that everyone should always be themselves and should not disguise their true colours. Students created their own Elmer by looking at different patterns around their classroom.

Who Are You?

Early Years students explored and inquired into baby pictures of themselves. They looked at how they have changed, what makes them unique, and how they are different from their peers. Open discussions and conversations are important to build a young learner’s English vocabulary and confidence.


Human Body Systems

In Year 5, students have been learning about how interactions between body systems allow for the human body to function properly. As they dove deeper into each major body system, students had the opportunity to build models to help gain a better understanding of how the body functions. 


Students in Year 3 started a new math unit about Time. As a provocation, the students inquired into the history of time and how people were able to tell time years ago. Students made their own sundials to solidify their learning. Luckly, they caught a beautiful sunny day to test out their old-school devices. Do you know how a sundial functions?


D.E.A.R. Time

Every week, we ‘Drop Everything And Read’ for 20 minutes. DEAR time is a great way to help students appreciate the benefits of regular reading. Reading for longer periods of time is good for our language skills, our imagination and it even helps relieve stress.  

Investigating Laws

From a very early age, we are introduced to the idea of rules. For the rest of our lives, we hear ‘Do this!’ and ‘Don’t do that!’ The Year 7s have been exploring Laws around the world in their Individuals & Societies class and made videos of their favourite interesting laws from around the world.


Gaudeamus University Fair

It’s always really exciting to see what choices our graduates make regarding the next step in their education. Our Year 12 and 13 students recently visited the Gaudeamus University Fair to find out where they might want to go next and what they want to study. 


Sometimes it’s really important to face your fears. High School students did just that in their PE lesson when they visited the local climbing wall. Whether they were overcoming their fear of heights or enjoying the exhilaration of a 10m climb, by the end of the lesson, they were happily driving each other up the walls.


December 2021

Dec 18 - Jan 3 - ISB Winter Holidays
Jan 3 - Professional Development Day for ISB Staff
Jan 4 - First Day Back after Winter Holidays